What were you trying to evoke from your design?
I wanted to create a bridge that will combine both nature and technology into a synthesis of both that would enhance the overall area. I think we achieved this goal and I am very glad that so many people like the bridge and use it regularly.

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1. Is the cantilevered cable stay design unique to Greenville or had it been accomplished before?
2. What had to be considered to design the bridge with such a long sweeping curve?
3. The finished product is incredible, but through the creator's eyes would you do anything different relative to the look of the bridge?
4. Was the lighting a forethought or afterthought in the design process?
5. How long did the design process take - from conception to detailed construction documents?
6. Just how many people can safely fit on the bridge at once?
7. The design lends itself to vibration/swaying but it seems to do very little of either. How did you accomplish this?
8. Did you have to consider wind and seismic extremes in your design?
9. How did you choose the materials - form, function, aesthetic? If all of the above, which ones weighed heavier than others?
10. What were you trying to evoke from your design?