Fire Prevention


IFC 2021 ImageThe Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for enforcing the 2021 International Fire Code (IFC), which contains regulations to safeguard life and property from fires and explosion hazards, and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes, which are designed to minimize the risk and effects of fire by establishing criteria for building, processing, design, service and installation.

The Fire Prevention Bureau also enforces standards referenced in the IFC or adopted by the State of South Carolina, as well as various City ordinances. Additionally, the City has adopted the International Code Council's "family" of codes, as approved by the South Carolina Building Code Council. The International Code Council is a membership association dedicated to helping the building safety community and construction industry provide safe and sustainable construction through the development of codes and standards used in the design, building and compliance process.

Fire Prevention Forms

Fire Watch Log Sheets (PDF)
Note: Fire watch log sheets are used by business and housing property owners when fire warning equipment tests fail in an occupied building. Log sheets must be completed manually every 30 minutes until repair is complete.

Fire Permit Application
CONTRACTORS: Please be advised that the City's submittal standards for required documents will be enforced. City of Greenville Electronic Submittal Standards

TeMPORARY TEnts & Membrane Structures

A temporary use permit is required for tents and air-supported membrane structures in excess of 400 square feet. Note: Applications must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the event date.

Special Event Structures

A temporary use permit is required for any ground-supported structure, platform, stage, stage scaffolding or rigging, canopy, tower supporting audio or visual effects equipment or similar structures. Note: Applications must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the event date.

Code References*

*The Greenville City Fire Department does not administer these sites and makes no representation to the accuracy of the information. Code research should include a review of the most recently adopted versions, as well as validation of all information sources.