Each household is given one trash and one recycle cart at no cost. Only city issued trash and recycle carts can be collected.  Each household may purchase one additional trash and/or recycle cart for their property.  Each additional cart is $60 and may be ordered by calling the Solid Waste Division at 864-467-4345.

Container repair 

Recycling and trash containers with cracked bodies or missing lids, handles or wheels are considered broken containers. Report your broken container to the Solid Waste Division at 864-467-4345 for repair or replacement. 

garbage cart

Container placement

Weekly collection is provided for recycling and trash containers. To ensure your service is not interrupted, please follow the list below.

  • Place your containers at the street, wheels/handle facing the house, by 7AM on your scheduled collection day.  
  • Do not place your container near parked vehicles.
  • Do not place your container near mailboxes or poles.
  • Leave at least 3 feet of space between containers and between any other objects.

Container cleaning

Residential customers are responsible for maintaining trash and recycling containers in a clean and sanitary condition. The City of Greenville does not offer container cleaning services. Containers are not replaced due to dirty grime or unpleasant odors.  

To help keep your cart clean:

  • Bag and tie household trash that goes into the GREEN trash cart.
  • Rinse and dry recyclables before placing in the BLUE recycle cart.
  • Spray and rinse container on occasion to reduce odors and dirty grime buildup.  Using a non-hazardous cleaning solution (like dishwashing soap and baking soda) is recommended.