Bus Route Changes

Route 503 Changes Effective December 11, 2023

Per the property owner's request, Route 503: Poinsett will no longer service Stop 1374: Cherrydale Shopping Center effective Monday, December 11, 2023.

Customers needing to access the Cherrydale Shopping Center should use these closest stops instead:

  • Stop 1369: N Pleasantburg Dr & State Park Rd (outbound on the way from downtown Greenville towards Furman University, near the Olive Garden)
  • Stop 1371: N Pleasantburg Dr & Poinsett Hwy (inbound on the way from Furman University towards downtown Greenville, in front of the Truliant Federal Credit Union)

For more information regarding this change, please contact Jeff Blankenship with Ingles Markets at 828-669-2941, extension 8051.

Route 507 Changes Due to University Ridge Construction

Beginning on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, Greenlink will detour Route 507: Augusta off University Ridge. Due to construction, Greenlink is unable to service University Ridge & County Square (Stop ID 1083). Temporary stops will be added to ensure access to this area. The outbound temporary stop will be in front of the Zaxbys and the inbound temporary stop will be in front of NEXT:

Stops Missed
University Ridge & County Square (Stop ID 1083)

Stops Added
University Ridge & S Church St - Outbound (Stop ID 5000)

University Ridge & S Church St - Inbound (Stop ID 5001)

507 Detour for Construction

Route 510 and Route 602 Changes - Effective July 1, 2023

Route changes will go into effect July 1, 2023, for Route 510: Laurens and Route 602: Woodruff Connector. These changes are being made in an effort to keep the routes running on time and to ensure customers are able to make timed connections with other routes.

Beginning Saturday, July 1, the following changes will be made:

  • Route 510: Laurens will only serve Millennium Blvd. stops on the inbound direction – when the bus is headed towards downtown Greenville. The following stops will receive service on the inbound trip, but will no longer receive service when the bus is headed towards Mauldin:
    • Stop 1302: Millennium Blvd & Laurens Rd
    • Stop 1303: Millennium Blvd & Research Dr (outbound)
    • Stop 1355: Millennium Blvd & Innovation Dr (outbound)
    • Stop 1299: Millennium Blvd & Research Dr (inbound)
    • Stop 1300: Millennium Blvd & Laurens Rd
  • Route 602: Woodruff Connector will no longer serve both sides of Innovation Drive and will not loop into the St. Francis Millennium parking lot. A map of the current route can be accessed here, and a map of the route going into effect July 1 can be accessed here. Side by side comparisons are also on display below.
    • The following stops will no longer receive service by Route 602:
      • Stop 1304: Innovation Dr & Sara Ln – a new stop will be installed across the street
      • Stop 1411: St. Francis Millennium – a new stop will be installed at the intersection of Innovation Dr & Sara Ln
    • The following stops will be added to Route 602:
      • Stop 1299: Millennium Blvd & Research Dr (outbound)
      • Stop 1506: Laurens Rd & Dallas Rd
Map of Current Route 602 and Map of Route 602 Effective July 1, 2023


Greenlink needs 37 bus drivers to operate its scheduled weekday service from 5:30 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.

If staffing drops below 29 drivers, Greenlink must reduce service due to staffing shortages. The Contingency Plan outlines the service reductions to be implemented based on the number of bus drivers available.

Reductions in service range from:

  • Reducing service frequency on Route 602: Woodruff Connector – which would mean bus service is available at bus stops along Route 602 every 60 minutes instead of bus service being available every 30 minutes
  • Using one bus to service two different routes – which would mean that the vehicle and driver will alternate which route is served every other trip, providing bus service to each route every 120 minutes instead of every 60 minutes
  • Combining two routes into one new route, traveling outbound on one route and then coming back into the Transit Center along a completely different route – which would mean bus service will only be available every 60 minutes on one side of the road depending on the new route’s design

The new routes created to combine two existing routes are described below:

  • Route 550: White Horse / Woodside
    • Route 550 will leave the Transit Center and follow along Route 506: Woodside until it reaches Farrs Bridge Road. Instead of returning to the Transit Center along Cedar Lane Road, Route 550 will continue across Farrs Bridge Road and travel the inbound path of Route 502: White Horse. Click here to view a map of Route 550.
    • When Route 550 is in service, the following stops will not receive service:


1601 Cedar Lane Rd– No bus stop across the road


Cedar Lane Rd & Clark Dr– No bus stop across the road


Smythe St & Ravenel St (inbound)


Woodside Ave & W Morgan St


Woodside Ave & W Bramlett Rd


Woodside Ave & W 8th St


Woodside Ave & W Main St


Woodside Ave & Woodlawn Ave


Pendleton St & Burdett St


Pendleton St & Mason St


N Textile Ave & Perry Ave


Queen St & Spencer St


Birnie St Ext & Craven St


Birnie St Ext & Howard St (inbound)


Birnie St & N Calhoun St


Easley Bridge Rd & Traction St


Easley Bridge Rd & Star Dr


Easley Bridge Rd & Dorsey Ave


Easley Bridge Rd & Springside Ave


Easley Bridge Rd & N Florida Ave


N Washington Ave & Easley Bridge Rd


N Washington Ave & Gordon St


N Washington Ave & Jasmine Dr


White Horse Rd & Page Dr


White Horse Rd & Pendleton Rd


White Horse Rd & Stanford Rd


White Horse Rd & W Marion Rd


White Horse Rd & Ashe Dr


White Horse Rd & Rangeview Cir


White Horse Rd & Claxton Dr


White Horse Rd & Cherrylane Dr


Lily St & White Horse Rd


Lions Club Rd & Bayberry Ct


Berea High School


Eunice Dr & Singleton Cir

  • Route 551: Wade Hampton / Rutherford
    • Route 551 will leave the Transit Center and follow along Route 508: Wade Hampton until it reaches the intersection of Rutherford Road and Wade Hampton Blvd. Instead of returning to the Transit Center along Wade Hampton Blvd, Route 551 will turn right onto Rutherford Rd and travel the inbound path of Route 505: Rutherford. Click here to view a map of Route 551.
    • When Route 551 is in service, the following stops will not receive service:


Wade Hampton Blvd & Tappan Dr


Wade Hampton Blvd & Artillery Rd


Wade Hampton Blvd & Donnan Rd


Wade Hampton Blvd & Woodland Ln


Wade Hampton Blvd & Banking Way Dr


2000 Block Wade Hampton Blvd (IB)


Wade Hampton Blvd & N Pleasantburg Dr


Wade Hampton Blvd & Brookside Cir


700 Block Wade Hampton Blvd (IB)


Wade Hampton Blvd & Chick Springs Rd


Buncombe St & Heritage Green Pl


Rutherford St & Harvley St


Rutherford St & W Stone Ave


Rutherford St & W Earle St


Rutherford Rd & Cotton St


600 Block Rutherford Rd (outbound)


2500 Block N Pleasantburg Dr


2400 Block N Pleasantburg Dr


2300 Block N Pleasantburg Dr


2111 N Pleasantburg Dr


Rutherford Rd & Hillrose Ave


Rutherford Rd & N Acres Dr


Rutherford Rd & Pine Knoll Dr

Reduced service outlined in this plan may need to go into immediate effect at any time. Please use these methods to receive real-time information and notifications about service changes:

Trolley ROUTE CHANGES Effective September 15, 2022:

As of September 15, 2022, trolley Route 902: South Main will service the following stops:

  • 100 Block S Main
  • 206 S Main
  • S Main & W Broad

These stops will not be serviced during road closures requiring deviations from the trolley’s regular route. This includes the TD Saturday Market road closures, which are in effect from May to October each Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The default Special Events route will include service at the following stops:

  • River St & W Court St
  • W Broad St & S Main St

Please reference the Route Deviations page for information regarding any deviations in effect. 

Trolley Network Changes 2022 Effective June 2, 2022

What Will Change?

Greenlink is  eliminating Route 904: Attractions route and redesigning Route 903: West Greenville route to accommodate these changes. Updates to the Route 903: West Greenville route will ensure continued service to Heritage Green and will add service to Unity Park.

Route 902 will extend service along Pendleton to Trolley Stop: Pendleton Street and North Calhoun Street (Stop ID 3036).

Stops that Will No Longer Be Served:

Stop NameStop ID

600 Block N Main St (IB)


N Main St & W Park Ave


W Washington St & S Laurens St


E Washington St & S Irvine St


Greenville Zoo Entrance


E Stone Ave & Wade Hampton Blvd


E Stone Ave & E North St


Buncombe St & Whitner St


100 Block S Main St


206 S Main St (City Hall)


S Main St & W Broad St


Field St Condominiums


S Main St & Wardlaw St (IB)


700 Block S Main St


River St & Falls Park Dr



Stops that Will Experience Reduced Service: 

The following stops will experience reduced service as they will now only be served by Route 902: South Main.

Stop NameStop ID

Peace Center


S Main St & Falls Park Dr


600 Block S Main St


720 S Main St


S Main St & Wardlaw St (OB)


S Main St & N Markley St


Reedy River


River St & W Court St (IB)


River St & Rhett St



Stops that Will Be Utilized/Added: 

The following stops will be utilized as a part of the new Route 903: West Greenville and are subject to change.

Stop NameStop IDStatus

W Washington St & S Hudson St


Existing Bus Stop

W Washington St & N Hudson St


Existing Bus Stop

S Academy St & Perry Ave


Existing Bus Stop

Richardson St & W North St


Existing Trolley Stop

Heritage Green


Existing Trolley Stop

Welborn St & Swamp Rabbit Trail

Pending New Stop

Pending New Stop


Service Schedule: 

901: North Main
902: South Main
6-11 p.m.6-11 p.m.10 a.m. - 11 p.m.10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
903: West Greenville
4-11 p.m.10 a.m. - 11 p.m.10 a.m. - 8 p.m.


Existing Trolley Route Map (PNG)

Existing trolley route map (above)

Proposed Trolley Route Map (PNG)

EFFECTIVE Wednesday, September 1, 2021

As a result of the re-development of County Square (301 University Ridge), many Greenville County offices are moving to Halton Road. In an effort to provide our customers with service to the new Family Court and Department of Social Services offices, changes to Route 602: Woodruff Connector will go into effect Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

  • Access to Stop 1340: Congaree Rd & Halton Rd (located on Congaree Rd) on Route 602: Woodruff Connector will be replaced with a stop located on Halton Rd at the intersection of Congaree Rd. Please note that Stop 1340 will still be serviced by Route 509: E North.
  • Two new stops will be installed at the entrances to the new offices on Halton Rd. The portion of the route servicing the County Offices will operate Monday - Friday between 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. This segment of the route is identified on the PDF below with a dashed yellow line.
  • View a PDF map of the new route.
  • View an interactive network map of the Greenlink system showing these changes.

Effective Thursday, July 1, 2021

In an effort to avoid delays caused by active railroad crossings, and in order to keep trips on-time for our customers, changes to Route 510: Laurens and Route 601: Simpsonville Connector will go into effect Thursday, July 1, 2021.

  • Route 510: Laurens- the route will no longer service Innovation Drive. Customers needing to access St. Francis Millennium should use Route 602: Woodruff Connector or walk from the stops on Laurens Road at Innovation Drive. Greenlink is installing two new stops on Laurens Road for better access to the Vinings at Laurel Creek and the Innovation Apartments.
  • Route 601: Simpsonville Connector- the route will no longer loop behind the Mauldin Square shopping plaza using Owens Lane, Peachtree Lane, or Cary Street. Greenlink is installing two new stops on S. Main St near the Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts for easy access to the Publix shopping plaza.
  • View an interactive network map of the Greenlink system showing these changes.

Effective Monday, May 24, 2021

Due to limited staff, Greenlink will reduce weekday service on Route 602: Woodruff Connector to 60-minute service starting Monday, May 24, 2021.

Instead of having two buses serving the route, with one coming by each stop 30 minutes after the other, there will only be one bus on the route until Greenlink is able to fill driver vacancies.

Effective Saturday, January 2, 2021

As a result of customer requests and safety evaluations, Stop 1076: Allen St & W Simpson St, which is on Route 504: Anderson, is being relocated. The stop is moving to W Simpson St - right before Route 504 turns onto Allen St.

Effective Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Greenville Transit Authority approved changes to three Greenlink bus routes at its May 28 board meeting. The changes below will go into effect on July 1:

Effective Friday, April 3, 2020

Due to safety concerns, Greenlink temporarily removed and relocated Stop 1012: Rebecca St & Hall St on Route 501: Pleasantburg.

Effective Friday, April 3, customers using this stop should now plan to get on and off the bus at a new stop installed at the intersection of Clark St & Hilton St.

Effective Thursday, January 2, 2020

1. All buses already inside the Transit Center will depart at the scheduled departure time. Buses will not wait on all routes to arrive before departing. However, the last trip of the night will wait for all connections so that customers can transfer to complete their trip.

2. Buses that arrive late to the Transit Center will depart as soon as all existing passengers disembark and new passengers complete the boarding process.

3. Customers are not guaranteed connections and will not receive complimentary passes for missed transfers.

This temporary policy will help to better evaluate which routes are routinely arriving late at the Transit Center. Staff will use the data to make future recommendations.

Effective Thursday, August 29, 2019

Due to safety concerns, Stop 1397: Laurens Rd & Knollwood Dr is being relocated approximately 800 ft. north towards the intersection of Laurens Rd & Innovation Dr.

Effective Saturday, August 3, 2019

In an effort to maintain on-time performance with Greenlink’s schedules, the following stops will be serviced by Route 601: Simpsonville Connector instead of Route 510: Laurens beginning August 3, 2019. Customers boarding at these stops can transfer to Route 510: Laurens at the identified transfer location at 25 Old Mill Road. Customers should make sure they let the driver know that they need to transfer between routes 510 and 601.

  • Owens Ln & S Main St
  • Peachtree Ln & Crestwood Dr
  • Cary St & W Butler Rd
  • Murray Dr & City Center Dr
  • Murray Dr & Hyde Cir
  • Miller Rd & Murray Dr
  • Miller Rd & Rainbow Cir
  • Miller Rd & Oak Park Dr
  • Miller Rd & Old Mill Rd
  • Old Mill Rd & Devonshire Rd
  • 600 Block N Main St
  • 503 Block N Main St
  • N Main St & White Dr

Additionally, the bus stop at Old Mill Rd & Forrester Dr will be serviced by both 510 and 601.

Route Changes effective July 1, 2019

The results of the Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA), which were unveiled in August 2017, included recommendations for a number of bus route changes. As a result, Greenlink held 16 community meetings throughout the months of October and November 2017, sharing information about the proposed route changes and giving the public an opportunity to provide input on the route designs.

Feedback received at the community meetings were incorporated into the routes and the Greenville Transit Authority Board of Directors voted to adopt the new routes in December 2017. The changes will go into effect July 1, 2019.

Maps of the new route designs are listed below. The routes are also viewable in the FindGreenlink app and on TrackGreenlink.com. For questions or comments, call 864-467-4544.

Stop Removals:

The Route 14 and Route 16 bus stop at Laurens Rd & Sycamore Dr (next to O'Reilly Auto Parts) was removed March 8, 2019. After March 8, passengers can use stop at Laurens Rd & Industrial Dr or the stop at Laurens Rd & Simmons Ave instead.

The Route 14 stop at W. Curtis St & N. Industrial Dr (next to Muffin Mam) will be removed April 29, 2019. After April 29, passengers can use the stop at W. Curtis St & South St instead.